Allergy testing

Tired of the seasonal suffering?

Do you suffer from environmental allergies, asthma, or chronic sinusitis?

Are you...

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you now have another option. Allergy testing and sublingual immunotherapy offer patients a safe and effective method to treat the underlying cause of allergies vs. just treating the symptoms!

Many patients assume they have allergies because they have the “normal” symptoms, but they have never been tested to identify what allergen, if any, could be causing the problem. All they know is during certain times of the year, they get the typical allergy symptoms like a runny nose, watery eyes and congestion. But, there are lesser known symptoms allergy sufferers may not even know about.

Ailments like chronic sinus infections, strep throat, asthma, eye infections, nasal polyps, chronic ear infections and migraine headaches could also be signs of allergies. Even common skin ailments like hives and eczema, which are typically treated as chronic illnesses, could be allergy driven.

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